Key Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Nicola Caley - Headteacher

Rebecca Somes - Deputy Headteacher

Rob Whyman - Assistant Headteacher

Phil Gregory - Assistant Headteacher

Richard Cutts - Assistant Headteacher

Inclusion and SENCO

Sian Hubbard (SENCO)

Arts Department

Simon Moore (Head of Department)

Computing & Business Studies Department

Helen Whalley (Head of Department)

Engineering & Design Department

Adam Cantrill (Head of Department)

English & Literacy Department

Lucinder Slater (Assistant Head of Department)

Geography Department

Tom Heaney (Head of Department)


Carl Hutchings (Head of Department)

Maths & Numeracy Department

Leanne Dodd (Head of Department)

MFL Department

Jack Walker (Head of Department)


Sally Hadden (Head of Department)


Susan Afford (Head of Department)

Pastoral Team

Gill Morley (Head of Year 11)

Alan Featherstone (Acting Head of Year 10)

Lindsay Robinson (Head of Year 9)

Emma Challand (Head of Year 8)

Victoria Gray (Head of Year 7)

Teresa Day (Transition Co-Ordinator)