“Our vision is nothing less than realising the full potential of every single student at Murray Park.” “At Murray Park we will enrich the lives of our students through a focus on learning and a diverse curriculum delivered by inspirational staff. We aim to be an outstanding school, fulfilling the aspirations of the local community.”

Information and Photos From Open Evening

Head Teacher's Speech Transcript

A warm welcome to Murray Park Open Evening.

To parent, carers but most importantly to our prospective pupils.

My name is Rebecca Somes and I am the Acting Headteacher – however do not be put off by the word acting. I have been at MP for 20 years and a member of the Senior Leadership Team for 13 of those years – so I know Murray Park.

I consider myself lucky to be stood in this position. Representing a dedicated staff team and a School that is full of enthusiastic and talented pupils. The most important part of this evening is that you will have the opportunity to talk directly to many different staff and pupils. The majority of the School is open and you will hopefully see as you walk around the School a vibrant and exciting learning environment. Please do not leave this evening with any unanswered questions.

Our vision is important to share – I am personally passionate about raising the aspirations of all our students – giving them the skills and desire to enter the Big World outside of the postcodes of Mickleover, Mackworth or even Derby, to maximise their potential.

These however are only words – as parents as you make this difficult decision what you want to hear is that your son/daughter are going to be safe? Have access to an exciting curriculum that maximises academic achievement, be given other opportunities to enjoy experiences not linked directly to academic achievement and when there are issues in School that they are dealt with quickly and effectively. I will not hide from issues, we do have a small minority of pupils that cause behavioural problems, show me a secondary school that doesn’t experience similar issues – I will work in partnership with parents to resolve any issues.

Pupils tell us they feel safe. Our curriculum gets better year on year and you will see from some later slides that we have lots of non-academic opportunities for students.

Our attainment puts us as a School in the middle in terms of Derby Schools, in terms of progress, we are higher. We also have a number of pupils that achieved level 9’s this summer – putting them in the top 2% nationally. Private Schools regularly publish these achievements – it happens here at Murray Park.

We also encourage pupils to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and we have pupils that have been to Peru and going to Borneo with Camps International. Extra-curricular sport plays an important part in School life and results are regularly celebrated in staff briefings. We also have many events to encourage Music and the Arts – we had a fantastic Art festival last year with a lot of the work now displayed in Cedar Park and next month the pupils will be competing in the Music competition ‘Stars in their eyes.

The following slides show some of our partnership work.

It is important as we are only an 11-16 School that there is a great deal of investment in making sure pupils follow the right routes to 6th form, into apprenticeships or college. We also have dedicated careers support and help for those who will struggle to make informed choices.

If your son or daughter has SEN then please ask to be directed at some point on your tour to the Hub. Mrs Hubbard our SENCO will be happy to answer any questions or allay any fears you may have on the transition to secondary school

So what makes us different to any other School and why pick Murray Park.

Murray Park is a small secondary School – we do have plans to expand with an exciting new building at the front of our School ready for 2019. However we will continue to value our community feel. Teachers know who are pupils are. Pupils are never lost or left to struggle through the day. We also have a fantastic transition programme that includes spending a lot of time with our feeder Schools. We have a Yr5 Gifted and Talented programme. We have Induction days and extra transition for pupils that may struggle. Also a Summer Scheme held in School if pupils need a bit of extra help.

Introduce Teresa Day – transition co-ordinator

Also like to introduce some key staff.

Trish Bowler my Deputy

Hazel Boyce – Assistant Headteacher

Rob Whyman – Assistant Headteacher

More importantly our Head Boy Edward and Head Girl Zuzanna would like to say a few words.

Please now feel free to explore the different areas of the School. If you would like some guidance to different areas then please ask any of the prefect team for directions or to lead you around. Again I reiterate please do not leave this evening with any questions unanswered.