In English lessons at Murray Park, students cover a wide range of inspiring topics designed to make them both confident readers and writers during their KS3 journey. We actively encourage our KS3 students to explore both literary fiction and non-fiction and truly question what makes a great piece of writing. Through their studies, students are able to engage with their own writing flair by writing their own pieces of fiction and non-fiction. 

By KS4, we hope that all students have become confident in their skills and can then utilise them as they prepare themselves for their final GCSE examinations. 

From creative writing to Shakespeare to poetry to grammar, students are exposed to different texts, viewpoints and writers across the five years.

Our curriculum is designed with National Curriculum requirements embedded. Core skills in writing, reading and spoken language are embedded so that students feel confident with different types of text and are able to express themselves with imagination and accuracy.

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Head of Department:  Miss J Hoffin