Post-16 Providers attended by Derby Learners

The school will share demographics and personal characteristics of a young person with post 16 providers who are a progression route for Derby Learners. These providers may be able to offer choices to the young person which could improve their life chances and enable them to make a positive contribution. The information will also be shared as part of the September Guarantee Process which is a statutory obligation for Children Services to ensure that all young people are offered appropriate learning opportunities.

However, parents, or the pupils themselves if aged 16 or over, can ask that no information beyond name and address (for pupils and parents) be passed on to Post 16 providers. If as a parent, or as a pupil aged 16 or over, you wish to opt-out and do not want Post 16 providers to receive from the school information beyond name and address, then please contact your school, Murray Park School.

Your attention is drawn to the Post 16 Privacy Notice, which gives supplementary information about the processing of pupil data by the organisations mentioned above, and gives greater details of how pupil data is processed and the rights of parents and pupils.

Post 16 Privacy notice

Post 16 Consent Forms

Post 16 Reference Consent Form

Post 16 and 18 Destination Data Consent Form