Data Protection and GDPR 2021

Data Protection Policy

Privacy Notice – DfE Free School Meals Voucher Service

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Free School Meal Vouchers

A part of our commitment to managing the challenges from Covid 19 we need to ensure that anyone entitled to receive support continues to do so. The voucher scheme being operated by Edenred & Wonde enables us to fulfil our obligations. Our privacy notice makes clear that we can share data to fulfil a public task and legal requirement. If you are eligible for FSM we have shared your name and email address to provide the voucher.


Consent Guide

Withdrawal Consent Form – Adult

Withdrawal Consent Form – Pupil

Example of Data Collected and Consent

Post 16 Reference Consent Form

Post 16 and 18 Destination Data Consent Form


Record of Meetings

School (staff/Governors involved in the meeting) do not consent for any meetings to be recorded either by video or on any audio recording device. There is no consent for any recorded information to be used in any public forum, or on social media, or in any other way.


Subject Access Request

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Subject Access Request Procedure and Protocol

Third Party Requests

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Data Breach

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UK GDPR & DPA Complaint

Record Management Policy

School’s Data Protection Lead: Mrs Heather Halford

School’s Data Protection Officer: Mr John Walker