School Lunches and Packed Lunches

Students are expected to stay in school at lunchtime and either use the school’s catering facilities or bring in their own sandwiches. Zoned eating areas have been organised to ensure students can purchase food as quickly as possible.

Catering Arrangements

Murray Park School has appointed Innovate Catering Services to provide school’s catering services.Their aim, along with the school, is to provide all students with an exceptional catering experience. Their very talented catering team will be serving exciting menus packed with healthy ingredients, that are full of variety, and with loads of interesting new things to try. It’s important that the food tastes as good as it looks, and schools sure you won’t be disappointed.

Useful Information

Innovate Information

Parent -Tariff Letter

Innovate Tariff Poster

Innovate Launch Parent Welcome Flyer 

Welcome Flyer

Innovate Secondary FSM Flyer

Blue Dot Meal Deal – Item List

Main Meal 3 Deal Posters

Extra Information

Secondary Medical diet process

Natasha’s Law

Nut and Peanut Policy

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ParentPay is now live: Find out more about our new online payment system – ParentPay Login page

If you have not received an activation code and would like one, please email  to request an activation code; also include your child’s name in this request. Once you have activated your account there are some useful FAQs on the help and support pages which can be accessed via the help link at the top of your login page.

Cashless Catering System

At Murray Park anyone who buys food whether at breakfast, break or lunchtime can use the finger-print technology. Before your child can be registered for finger-print technology school will need a signed consent form. School has a secure online payment system called Parentpay which can be used for dinner money and school trips payments. By using this secure website you able to pay online using your credit or debit card.

Cash is not accepted in school. Around £15.00 is usually sufficient for each week to buy lunch but extra if they wish to spend at breakfast/break.

However, your child may already be receiving Free School Meals at their current school he/she attends. To achieve this facility you may have always applied to the Education Office. At Murray Park School we use a different system. We are able to authorise your child’s free meals ourselves. It may only take a small increase in the number of students claiming to have a significant increase in our funding so it is important for the school that parents who are entitled to claim do so. Free School Meals have a direct influence on our school funding.

Students entitled to free school meals have the free meal allowance automatically credited to their accounts daily. Although a £2.63 free meal allowance is sufficient for a full meal, you may want to add a little money to your son/daughters card for items not included in the allowance or if they may need to purchase a snack at morning break.

The Finger-print Technology consent form can be found in the Murray Park School app under forms.

Click Here to see what you need to do to claim Free School Meals.