Homework at Murray Park

As a school we will:

  • Guarantee equal opportunities for all students to access and complete all homework set, by ensuring resources are available, including access to IT equipment in non-lesson time during every school day.
  • Heads of Departments will help ensure subject work demands, in particular assessments are carefully calendared to ensure that student workloads are manageable and subject conflicts are minimal.
  • Curricular and Pastoral Leaders will ensure that any parental concerns regarding homework are dealt with promptly and appropriately.

Teaching Staff will:

  • Set appropriate homework tasks in line with the guidelines for the relevant year group and subject (see table below).
  • Ensure students record details in their planner and/or enter details onto Homework section of Go4Schools for student and parent access.
  • Check completion and standard of homework tasks, assess and use school rewards system if appropriate (Homework requiring marking will be marked in line with school Marking and Feedback Policy).
  • Return assessed homework to students within one week.
  • Ensure students who miss deadlines attend detention or homework club.

Students will:

  • Record homework tasks in planner and access the Homework section of Go4Schools for details of set tasks.
  •  Label tasks as ‘Homework’, date all work, adhere to Murray Park standard of presentation (title, date, underlined with a ruler, blue or black pen, drawings in pencil).
  • Complete and hand in all homework on time.
  • Attend Homework Club or detention as instructed by teaching staff in order to complete missing work.

Parents will:

  • Check student’s planner or Homework section of Go4Schools for details of set tasks.
  • Support students in meeting deadlines with well-presented and detailed work.
  • Support the school staff in ensuring that detentions or opportunities to do high quality homework in Homework Club are undertaken.

Homework Club

The school will provide a resourced and staffed study area for all students to access the facilities before school, during the lunch hour and after school each week day. Staff supporting students will encourage them to work independently but will offer guidance as to where to find information or how to apply it. Staff will be supportive and motivating to develop aspirational and greater independent learning skills.

Homework timetable

Core subjects will set homework weekly for both KS3 and KS4 and options subjects will set homework at least once a fortnight depending on the contact time per class.

Please click below to view the full timetable: