Free School Meals

To claim Free School Meals you will need the following information to hand before starting your online application:

  • Your National Insurance number
  • Your email address
  • Your child/ren’s date of birth

Applications Website

Apply online and receive instant notification of your entitlement at the following address:

Parent/Carer User Guide

This guide is designed for parent/carers to assist with the online application form to apply for Free School Meal eligibility:

Click Here

Free School Meal Vouchers

A part of our commitment to managing the challenges around ensuring that anyone entitled to receive support does so, there may be times that FSM vouchers are issued. The voucher scheme being operated by Edenred & Wonde enables us to fulfil our obligations. Our privacy notice makes clear that we can share data to fulfil a public task and legal requirement. If you are eligible for FSM we have shared your name and email address to provide the voucher.