During Year 10 and Year 11 you will be entered for GCSEs and other exams at Murray Park School. You will find important information about what you should and shouldn’t do together with timetables on these pages. If you are unsure about anything to do with exams you can always speak to the Exams Officer (Miss Redcliffe Gordon) or your Form Tutor or Head of Year.

You can contact the exams office on 01332 540024 or email:


Regulations and Documents to Read

There are rules around sitting exams and you should read the documents below, make sure you understand them and ask questions if you need to. If you fail to follow regulations, issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications, you may be disqualified from the paper, the subject or all subjects. Murray Park School expects you to follow exam regulations without question.

Social Media: there are serious penalties for those students who make comments or pass on comments about exams on social media.


Autumn 2022

Year 11 Mock 2 Exam Timetable

29 November 2023 is the first GCSE Drama Practical exam for all Year 11 Drama students (counts towards final grade)

Winter/Spring 2023

11 January 2023 – Y11 Engineering unit R109 written paper (counts towards final grade)

30 January 2023 – Y11 BTEC Health & Social Care written paper (counts towards final grade)

01 February 2023 – Y11 BTEC Digital Information Technology written paper (counts towards final grade)

Summer 2023

Year 11 foreign language speaking tests and art, photography, and textiles exams will start on week commencing 17 April 2023 and last for at least 3 weeks.

Contingency Day 2023 is 28 June 2023 (provisional). All Year 11 students must be available to sit exams until the end of 28 June 2023. This is in case the exam boards need to reschedule any of your exams in the Summer.



Please call the Exams Office on 01332 540024 or email exams@murraypark.derby.sch.uk and we will draw them from archive and you will be able to collect from reception by appointment.

Replacement certificates: if you have lost your GCSE certificates you will need to contact each of the exam boards you took exams with and give them your personal details so they can produce a replacement for you. They usually charge for this service. If you can remember the old exam board name but don’t know the new name we’ve attached a list. Our school ‘centre number’ is 23336.

Replacement statements of results/records of results: if you need a replacement history of your results you should contact Murray Park School Exams Office on 01332 540024 or email exams@murraypark.derby.sch.uk to make enquiries about a copy (providing a record is still available on the school database). You should will be asked for your full name, date of birth and year the exams were taken. The report will be a basic list of subject, grade and date the exam was taken in month and year only.