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Year 10

This website is specific to the AQA GCSE specification and links to most of the case studies we use:

The following websites also contain useful information:

These PLCs are a complete list of what you will need to revise for you each unit. You should go through the PLCs and decide how confident you are for each topic: Very confident (G for green), reasonably confident but some gaps (A for amber), very unsure, lots of gaps in knowledge (R for red). Doing this will help you focus your revision on the content that you need to revise most:

The Changing Economic World

The Challenge of Natural Hazards

The Living World

Urban Issues and Challenges

Physical Landscapes in the UK


Vocabulary Revision

Look at this list of the words you need to know for your exams: Make sure you are learning them “little and often” (5-10 words a day during year 10 and year 11 rather than learning them all at once).

Use Memrise to play games whilst learning vocabulary so that it sticks in your head: Download the app to sneak a couple of minutes on the bus into town – every little helps!

Quizlet works in a similar way (no need to sign in):

Funwithlanguages has games based on most of the GCSE topics giving you the chance to practise vocabulary: does what it says on the tin, but will help you learn at the same time. Vocabulary is a bit basic – best suited for foundation tier and year 7-9 revision:

BBC Bitesize has sections on familiar vocabulary (, lifestyle (, leisure and the media (, home and the environment (, work and education (, and French life and culture (

BBC languages used to make a lot of French material. It is not specifically aimed at students doing GCSE, and it isn’t updated anymore, but some of it may be useful, especially when revising vocabulary you should remember from primary school or years 7-9:

Grammar Practice

Use Funwithlanguages to play games whilst practising grammar structures:

These two sections on BBC Bitesize are useful for practicing grammar points:

Exam Practice

Find example exam papers here (leave these until after Christmas in year 11 as we will do them in class time first):

For examples of possible content to use in speaking and writing exams, check out S-cool

Revisionworld has some good summaries of useful vocabulary and grammar points, as well as exam practice questions: Some of the material relates to the old GCSE so ask your teacher if you’re not sure whether some advice is still relevant.

(Listening) BBC languages has a section at the bottom of this page called “French news, TV & radio”: You will find this a massive challenge and should not be worried if you can’t understand even most of the words. However, you’ll learn about French culture and “tune your ear” into the French language. Try to write down 5 words you can pick out from the things you hear.


Want to know where to target your revision? Look through this PLC and decide how confident you feel for each area. If you are very confident, colour the square in green; otherwise, colour it in amber if you are fairly confident or red if you are not at all confident. Your priority should then be to revise the areas you have shaded red. Look at the “Passport to Success” you receive at the end of each module, or ask your teacher to see your most up-to-date version. This will help you to decide whether to shade it in green, amber or red.

French GCSE PLC 2017-18

General information about the exam:


Useful Websites

French :



Resistant Materials: — (Mr Ridley’s RMT revision videos)

Physical Education: