Key Stage 4: Business

Curriculum Overview

Edexcel 9-1 GCSE Business

In Business we provide students with essential skills and knowledge to prepare them for the next step in their lives, be that further education, training or work. We provide a broad and accessible curriculum with engaging, knowledge-rich subject.

Business naturally lends itself to supporting students in their other studies in school, including many links to numeracy and literacy.  Our curriculum has been developed to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate creativity, zest as well as independence through project work.  

Students develop analytical and evaluative skills throughout the business course which not only prepare them to be highly successful in GCSE Business, but also in the wider world by being able to make justified decisions. Students gain a strong working knowledge of how businesses operate for running, or working within one in the future.

The GCSE course consists of:

Theme 1 – Studied in Year 10 – Assessed by written examination at the end of Year 11

·       Enterprise and entrepreneurship

·       Market Research

·       Market Segmentation

·       Finance for Business

·       The Marketing Mix

·       Business Location

·       Business plans

·       Sources of Finance

·       The economy


Theme 2 – Studied in Year 11 – Assessed by written examination at the end of year 11

·       Business ethics

·       Aims and objectives

·       Product

·       Place

·       Pricing

·       Promotion

·       Advanced Finance for Business

·       Leadership

·       Recruitment