The focus of our School Council is to improve the school experience for every student. We ensure that the student voice is heard and incorporated into our school. Each year group has a Year Council and representatives from these councils form the School Council. 

The Year and School Councils meet once per half term with an agenda sent out and added to by the students before each meeting. The students also have a Microsoft Teams group, which allows the students to share ideas in advance of meetings and to put forward agenda items.

Members of our Senior Prefect team are also key members of the School’s Diversity and Equality Working party. This working party consists of teaching staff, non-teaching staff and students from Year 11. This team plays a major role in promoting equality and diversity across the School by organising a range of exciting activities, such as, Diversity Week in addition to extra-curricular activities, clubs and competitions.  For further information please see our Equality information and objectives statement 

Reasons for joining the School Council

“I wanted to join the School Council, because I wanted to actually get involved with the school and try to help.” 

“We wanted to be on the School Council because our experiences of Year 7 and Year 8 have helped us to understand what advice younger years would need and we want to provide that help to them”.