Key Stage 4:  Geography

Curriculum Intent

At GCSE we aim to increase pupil confidence and allow students to express their own opinions on current world issues. We encourage pupils to develop their awareness of the world around them by discussing current issues. Our curriculum and content is constantly changing to keep our lessons relevant and reflect the real world.

Curriculum overview

We study AQA Geography at GCSE. Students sit three papers studying a combination of human geography, physical geography and geographical skills.

Unit 1 (Physical) consists of:

  • Tectonics
  • Tropical Storms
  • Climate Change
  • Tropical Rainforests
  • Deserts
  • The Geography of the UK
  • Rivers and Coasts

Unit 2 (Human) consists of:

  • Urban issues in an LIC
  • Urban issues in a HIC
  • Globalisation
  • Economic Issues in HICS and LICs
  • Global Resource Management
  • Global Food Resources

Unit 3 consists of:

  • School specific fieldwork questions
  • Generic fieldwork questions
  • A pre-release booklet that students respond to

Extra-curricular activities

The department runs weekly commit to 6 and drop in sessions.

Field trips will be confirmed once government guidelines have been released. Historically we have run trips to York and Italy.