Key Stage 4:  Drama

Curriculum Intent

Throughout Key Stage 4, Drama students work on developing and further embedding the skills learnt at Key Stage 3 into their work. Drama at Murray Park School aims to help a generation grow their passion for the theatre, both in performing and technical skills. The curriculum also aims to help students to innovate as the theatre evolves.

Understanding people and their motivations are important skills that students can develop through the study of Drama. In Key Stage 3, the students learnt how to broach character creation from a number of different angles; this is developed further in Key Stage 4 as the students are able to approach their character work for their two main practical units in their own way.  The curriculum is student led and is differentiated to match the skills of the students.

Curriculum overview

Throughout Key Stage 4, the students continue to enhance their emotional and spatial development throughout the units studied.

In KS4 students undertake three main units:

C1 – Written exam

  • 40% of the total GCSE
  • The written exam is broken up into three sections:
  • Section A: Roles and responsibilities in theatre and stage spaces and directions
  • Section B: The study of a set text
  • Section C: Analysis of a live theatre performance

C2 – Devising

  • 40% of the total GCSE
  • Group size must be between 2-6 people
  • Timing must be between 4 – 20 minutes

How is this section assessed?

  • Devising log (60 marks)
  • Devised performance (20 marks)
  • 80 marks in total

C3 – Texts in Practice

  • The students are given the choice of a variety of plays to choose from so that they can find their favourite to perform or act as designer.

Useful links

The students are encourages to watching online theatre at home such as:

The Drama section of BBC Bitesize is a useful resource.

Extra-curricular Activities:

The Drama Club is a popular club at Murray Park School.  The students will also have the opportunity to visit the theatre.

Commit to six lessons are provided to Drama students and the Department also provides Booster sessions.