Key Stage 3:  Music

Curriculum Intent

The ethos of the music department at Murray Park School is that every child is entitled to the opportunity to make music and realise their musical potential.

The lessons at Key Stage 3 are delivered in line with ‘The National Plan for Music’.

The pupils have lessons that offer a mixture of performing, composing, listening and appraising activities. This is done through the exploration of different genres of music, different eras of music and music from around the world. The pupils have opportunities to compose their own music and to perform on instruments both in lessons and in school concerts. The school has a variety of instruments that the pupils can play.

Through the different topics that are covered at Key Stage 3, the pupils are developing all the skills that are necessary at GCSE (performing, composing and appraising).

Curriculum overview

In Key Stage 3 lessons, pupils learn about the elements of music through the exploration of different styles of music. They are encouraged, at all times, to use musical terms when talking about music. Pupils explore different ways of notating music (standard notation, graphic scores as well as guitar and ukulele TAB).

During music lessons, the pupils are encouraged to be as creative as possible with their work. We work on interpretation in music and the pupils develop their own identity through their compositions.

Key Stage 3 Learning journey – Music



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Extra-curricular activities

At Murray Park School, the music department runs a variety of extra-curricular clubs, both at lunchtime and after school, including a school choir.

We have peripatetic instrument teachers who come into school once a week to deliver one-to-one instrument lessons; this is an offer open to all pupils. Some instruments are available to hire from the Derby City and County Music Partnership.

We have regular school concerts where pupils perform solos and in groups and we also have a variety of school trips through the academic year.